This is our beloved Naomi, who led us into the world of freeze-dry pet preservation! It has now been our privilege to provide this service to pet owners for more than 8 years! It is truly wonderful having our pets with us to stay!

Chris & Sandy at Perpetual Pet in Keyser, West Virginia



If it were not for you, I would never have seen her again. Now I am with her every day. Thank you so much!!




I can never express my happiness & joy of having Dusty back home "forever". We greatly appreciate the care and concern Chris & Sandy showed us through this most difficult time. I would highly recommend Perpetual Pet to anyone.

Sandra & Donald in Covington, Georgia



Losing my Sandy Cat has been extremely painful. He was my soulmate and companion for over 16 years. Thanks to Chris & Sandy's wonderful work, my dear boy will be with me always. I definitely recommend Perpetual Pet's services for anyone who is considering preservation.

Christine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



I am so happy to have Mandy home. She looks so peaceful and content in her own bed. Thanks so much for the work that you did with her and thanks for providing such a wonderful alternative to animal burial.

Jenn in Lillington, North Carolina



Words can never express how much I appreciate all you did for us. Thanks you so much.

Joyce in Lanai, Hawaii



Rocke looks great!!! I am so proud to have him back where I can view him everyday. This was probably the second most hardest time in my life, but knowing that he would eventually be back to me, made each day one of anticipation and hope. I can't thank you enough for taking special care and giving him special treatment through this process. You all were wonderful and I will definitely pass this loving and lasting alternative on to others. Thanks again.

Melissa in Waynesboro, Missisippi



We are very pleased with what Perpetual Pet was able to do with our little buddy Sparkey. Your work is excellent. Thanks so much for all you've done.

Escar & Patty in Metz, West Virginia



We love seeing him everyday. He looks very happy and comfortable here. I just can't imagine him not being with us. I know his spirit is still out there somewhere, but his body is there for us to see and touch. Thanks again for taking great care of him and doing such a wonderful job.

Debi and Jeff in Lakeland, Florida



Perpetual Pet went out of their way to make sure Peaches had the best possible care. It means so much to me to have Peaches with me everyday!

Pamela in Lexington, North Carolina

Kitty cat family


What an excellent job Perpetual Pet did with my beloved kitty.  I can still hold her and pet her.  It isn't the same, of course, but I still have her.  Thank you Perpetual Pet for giving her back to me!

Marcina in Grove City, Ohio



We were so distraught when our darling Jenny passed away. We did not want to bury her and lose her forever, and we did not want to have her "outsides" put on over a form as they do in taxidermy. We wanted our whole kitty to be with us forever. It was such a blessing to have found your website and the services that you offer. We love having our dearest little one with us in our home. Seeing her each and every day, sleeping so sweetly has eased our anguish over a life that was much too short. We love what you have done and have recommended your services to so many. Thank you so very much for your sensitivity and thoughtfulness throughout the process. You and Chris are such a God send, Bless you both.

Kyia and Ila in Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin



This is my beloved Zak of 19 years. He and I basically "grew-up" together. As I saw his days coming to an end, I couldn't bear the thought of never seeing him again, for his face was the first thing I would see in the morning and the last face I would see at night. He was truly my little shadow. Losing Zak has not been easy for me, but Perpetual Pet has helped so very much. Sandy has contacted me frequently giving me updates and has always talked about Zak in a very compassionate and respectful manner. Just knowing that Zak was coming back home to me was a blessing. I wholeheartedly recommend Perpetual Pet to help ease the pain of losing a pet.

Heidi in Taylor, Texas



Perpetual Pet did a wonderful job taking care of my precious Kitty. It is comforting to know she will always be with us. Thank you, Sandy and Chris for all your help and support during this very difficult time.

Maria in Galena Park, Texas



I didn't have to stop being able to see her. The loss just isn't so painful when you can look at the face and feel the coat of your dearest little friend. Thank you so much Perpetual Pet!!

Sheri in Seattle, Washington



A wonderful combination of technical expertise, artistry, and compassion by Sandy and Chris brought our beloved Cynthia Ann back into our home, keeping alive fond memories of her spirit and her best years with us. This was a heartwarming experience all along the way, and we are grateful to Sandy and Chris for doing such a good job of perserving Cynthia for us.

Tom & Bonnie in Matthews, North Carolina



Chris and Sandy at Perpetual Pet can make you smile again. For everyone who have loved their pets that have passed away and broken your hearts, Perpetual Pet can mend your broken heart. Don't let your beloved pet be a thing of the past, preserve your pet and keep them forever!

Angie in San Diego, California



Upon Peppy's unexpected death, it gave us great comfort to find Perpetual Pet. We were not ready to let her go. She now looks very natural and very peaceful. She is forever our little sleeping angel!

Antonio & Amanda in Newport, Michigan



Our precious Dizzi lived to be sweet 16, but thanks to the fantastic talents of Perpetual Pet, our sweet baby kitty will still grace our home & hearts. Thank you, thank you!!!!!!! Our baby girl looks great!

Derek & Luanne in Truckee, California



Sorrow is the painful price you pay when you loose your beloved pet. This was the most sincere way I could pay hommage to my little champ, Pommie. I have no regrets and this is the best money I ever spent.

Elle in Fort Lee, New Jersey



We didn't have Little Trigger very long, but we were still so attached to him. Now we can keep him forever! He looks just like he was!

Chet & Alice in New York City, New York



I am still amazed at the bond Raider Red and I shared for 14 1/2 years. Losing him was one of the most difficut experiences of my life, but Sandy & Chris were so kind and so compassionate during those first few weeks. Having him back at home watching over me is tremendously comforting. You and your services were an answer to prayer.

Belita in Plano, Texas



Thanks Sandy and Chris for, in a way, giving our dear Button back to us.

Tom & Terry in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania



Perpetual Pet helped me so much during this time of terrible grief in losing my Precious. They understand what it's like to loose a pet. The only way I could make it through was knowing she was coming back to me. The results are just amazing! I have recommended Perpetual Pet to all my area vets and everyone I know who owns a pet.

Melissa in Muleshoe, Texas 



Perpetual Pet has made it possible for me to never have to part with my little Sinbad. I'm very glad I chose this process.

Ron & Mary in Canton, Ohio