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Pet Preservation Information

What is freeze-dry pet preservation?

Freeze-drying is a method of preservation which eliminates the decaying process inherent in the living tissues of plants and animals. Through a combination of very low temperature and vacuum application, all moisture is removed, leaving the tissues otherwise unaltered. Upon completion of the process, the pet is returned to room temperature, and remains indefinitely in the same condition thereafter, subject to the same care and treatment as other valued possessions.

How does the freeze-dry process work?

The animal is carefully prepared and posed, supported by a custom made framework. It is then placed into a sealed vacuum chamber at extremely low temperature. Over time, frozen moisture is slowly converted into a gaseous state, and then extracted. The larger the subject, the greater the amount of moisture to be extracted. Typically, a small cat or dog will take 15 to 18 weeks. Larger pets will take a longer period of time, perhaps as much as 6 months in the case of a very large dog. However, all pets are unique, and sometimes take a bit more or less time than expected.

Why does perpetual pet take longer and cost more than some other freeze-dry services?

At Perpetual Pet, we know how important your pet is to you. We strive to maintain your pet as completely and exactly as possible. Some providers employ a combination freeze-dry and taxidermy process where large parts of flesh and bones are removed in order to speed up the process. During preparation, we keep the entire body of the pet intact, doing as little alteration as possible and taking several additional steps in order to produce better results. Consequently, the process takes longer to complete and our equipment is in use for a much longer period of time. Equipment used in the freeze-dry process is very costly to purchase, operate and maintain. For the very best results, the process also requires ongoing monitoring and attention. Thus, another result of giving your pet the full attention required is that we must spend additional time and also forgo a greater volume of "business" in order to give you the very best possible service and results.

How will my pet look and last?

We will ask you to send pictures of your pet and will also communicate with you to insure that your pet will be posed as you would like. We work to create a pose and appearance that will look as natural as possible. If the entire process is done correctly, by skilled and careful technicians, using quality equipment and techniques, the results will be amazing. Even from a distance of a mere couple of feet or so, it will be difficult to tell any difference at all, save the lack of movement. For this reason, we highly recommend a sleeping or at least lying down posture, which looks the most natural in the absence of movement. However, we will work with you to accommodate any other pose or special considerations you would like. Your pet will retain its original size and the shape in which it posed indefinitely. However, it will weigh much less than it did, due to the removal of the water and other liquids which account for the majority of an animal's weight. If not subjected to subsequent damage (dirt, spills, stains, weather, mistreatment, etc.) there should be no further change or deterioration. With a little care, your pet can be held, carried, transported, and even gently petted.

How do I prepare my pet for shipment?

After your pet passes away, immediately place it into a sealed plastic bag and then into a standard freezer. If in their care, veterinarians and kennel or operators are usually able to do this for you. Any heavy soiling or debris should be removed, but no washing, bathing or other preparation is necessary. We will attend to this for you. Your pet must remain frozen for overnight shipment to us, by UPS or Fed Ex. Normally, this is not difficult to arrange. We will discuss specific instructions with you regarding packing, any special considerations. Shipment should be made at the beginning of the week in order to avoid weekend delays or layovers.


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