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We at PERPETUAL PET take pride in our work. All of the pets in our photo gallery are of preserved pets. We are not taxidermists and ONLY freeze dry family pets. We realize how important pets are to their owners. We at PERPETUAL PET have purposedly kept our company small enough to remain owner operated. Therefore, we do not hire employees who might not have the same dedication to their work, as our reputation is very important to us. We have striven over the last 11 years to improve our techniques all the time.

Anthony Eddy'sWildlife Studio is trying to SCARE potential customers away by his "WORD OF CAUTION" box. Here is what he says about his preserved pets:

"Notice that all of our pet pictures are taken with the same background of a blue blanket. Our pet pictures (which are all freeze-dried) are taken by a professional photographer. He uses a blue background and soft lighting. It makes our pets look good but also proves that each pet is indeed freeze-dried. It would be almost impossible to get live pets to pose in similar positions against the same background."

ALL the pets in our photo gallery are pets that have been preserved. We at Perpetual Pet CHOOSE to have the pictures of our preserved pets taken by the OWNERS of the pets in the setting THEY choose along with their comments.

We do get calls asking if the photos in our gallery are real or preserved. Again, because we are not taxidermists and are owner operated, we take the extra time and effort to have each pet be the best they can be. We just do very good work, that's why we are number 1!!!! So we advise you: DON'T let Anthony Eddy's Wildlife Studio scare you away from PERPETUAL PET.






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