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Pet Preservation through Freeze Dry Technology

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We at Perpetual Pet know that the loss of a dearly loved pet is a very difficult experience. Through the use of new techniques in freeze dry technology, we can offer a "Loving and Lasting" alternative to burial cremation or traditional taxidermy. Freeze-dry pet preservation creates a lasting memorial and more importantly, preserves your pet in a natural state thereafter, without any alteration in appearance. This allows pet owners to see, touch and hold their pets, and in a sense, "never have to let go." Best of all, freeze-dry pet preservation results in the preservation of your pet's actual, physical body. This is in sharp contrast to the conventional method of taxidermy, in which only the outer hide of the animal typically remains, attached to a plastic form or other type of artificial mounting.

We at Perpetual Pet are also animal lovers and pet owners, offering our services exclusively for the preservation of family pets. We too lost our beloved pet of 18 years (see "Naomi" in the photo gallery). So not only can we provide careful, quality care for your pet but personal understanding, sympathy and care for you in your time of loss. To learn more about freeze-dry pet preservation, click on the PET PRESERVATION INFORMATION button above. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by phone at 727-207-7661. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your personal needs and concerns. For the loving pet owner, pet preservation is truly "the perfect plan for the perfect pet." Thank you for your interest in freeze dry pet preservation and in PERPETUAL PET!


"A Loving & Lasting Alternative"

Pet Preservation through Freeze Dry Technology

6613 Alemendra, Fort Pierce, FL 34951

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